Pyrenees Sunset

Pyrenees Sunset
An August evening in the French Pyrenees at sunset

Thursday, 20 January 2011

May 2010

At long last, i've finally got around to starting a blog. I just wanted to give people a feel for what it's like in the Pyrenees and the sort of things that can be seen and photographed at particular times of the year. 

It seems that the last fortnight has been particularly wet and cool for this time of year, but now spring is really hotting up towards summer. The weather today has been mostly sunny with temps up to 25, but there is still quite a lot of snow up on the mountains

Caught a fleeting glimpse of a red spotted woodpecker around lunchtime, but it flew off before I could turn my camera on it!

Walking in the meadow there were clumps of Ragged Robin out round the edges of the field. Some of the figs have already got fruit and, surprisingly, they are starting to colour. There were also lots of really loud cicadas - not sure whether they were just very glad that the sun was shining, or what.

A Swallowtail butterfly was darting around the top of the kiwi, far too fast to capture!  But I did manage to get a shot of a Painted Lady on some alium flowers.
Black Redstarts were flitting about in the plum and kiwi trees and the buzzards were calling across the other side of the valley. Lovely to see the cows sauntering along the lane beside the stream on their way to the grazing pasture and then home again for milking in the mellow evening sunshine.

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